“Prisma” Kitchen With Built-in Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Recently technology has introduced in our lives the famous tablets. They are very practical and used for all kinds of things. Although my strong point is not represented by technology and its new gadgets I must confess that these tablets impressed me much.I was even more surprised that you may use it in your kitchen too as a component part of this important area of your house.The Toncelli that comes from the Tuscan region in Italy tried to bring kitchen to a new level and create a different type of kitchen which has less and less in common with the traditional one.

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This famous company created the “Prisma” kitchen set which has as main features the minimalist design and ultra hi-tech functioning and control. It consists of the main island unit with the interactive table, tall unit, open elements, the suspended top, along with the hanging cupboards and base element.

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It is dynamic and definitely makes your cooking moments more pleasant. The central island can be moved along the kitchen space, which also has the sliding chopping board with the tablet stand. Everything is done through the built-in tab and its design and other components will complete this perfect and modern device which cannot be absent from your kitchen.

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It has a black glass top, anodized aluminum finishing, red and white lacquered panels, the handles to the drawers are invisible and the refrigerator unit is vertical.If you intend to make your Easter holidays more beautiful and the preparations easier then “Prisma” kitchen set is all you have wanted!