Penthouse Apartment In Moscow Looks Over The Entire City

Situated in Moscow, Russia, this penthouse apartment has one of the most beautifully balanced designs we’ve ever seen. It occupies the top levels of a skyscraper and this ensures wonderful views of the city which unfolds in front of it.


The interior is divided into common and private zones. There’s a large social area which contains the living room, the dining space and the kitchen while the private area houses the music room, the bedrooms, their dressing rooms and bathrooms.


The living room is a double-height space featuring unusual lighting fixtures with graphic designs based on drawings. Large windows let in natural light and open the space to the panoramic views. There’s a warm and comfortable ambiance here, despite the simplicity and openness of the space.



The dining table is placed in front of the large windows, offering the owners and their guests a really nice view.


A white kitchen occupies a large portion of the social plan. Unlike the kitchen, it has a a lower ceiling. The flooring and the ceiling are similar in the sense that they’re both covered in wood. Although the nuances differ, this ensures a symmetrical look.


A minimalist and white kitchen island acts as a buffer between this space and the living area. It’s complemented by four classy and modern bar stools with chromed bases. All the cabinetry and furniture in the kitchen is white which offers this space a really fresh feel.


A sculptural staircase links the living space to the loft above the kitchen. The ARCHI TE KTO team was able to split the space in two levels without sacrificing the double height living space. A full height glass wall offers dramatic views as one is using the staircase.


Up here is a private zone which includes the music room placed above the kitchen and the rest of the spaces spread throughout the apartment. There’s no visual barrier between the social spaces and those built above and they communicate freely.


A distinctive element of the upper floor is the sculptural, geometric ceiling. Its angular design offers it a dramatic and sophisticated look.


But not all the upper spaces feature this detail. The bedrooms, for example, are simpler. They feature smooth, white ceilings. The occasional wooden accents in the form of accent furniture or decorative wall elements ensure a welcoming, comfortable and balanced ambiance.


Floor-to-ceiling windows open the bedroom to the extraordinary, panoramic views and emphasize the openness of the space as well as the overall bright and fresh décor.


The bathrooms are intriguing. Although they’re not particularly spacious, they use glass and mirror to highlight key elements and to ensure a seamless transition between the different functional zones.

Second floor birdman s nest

Second floor birdman s nest