OnebyNine’ s vision of a small apartment

In Hong Kong, space occupies an important place in people’s lives. OnebyNine studio, in the name of two Polish architects reworked the configuration, removed walls and created a more appropriate space for living, sleeping and entertaining. The linking element is “Space Invaders” mosaics that appear in several rooms, but nothing compares to the small terrace with tropical plants, part of a perfect world and a welcome retreat for this overcrowded city.

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It is impressive what can be done with a small space; this is the ideal example that proves best that anything can be done, that nothing is impossible, that you can have the apartment you dream, even if it is not a wide place. The interior has everything you might think of, it is modern, stringent and a bit cold, but it has the most important aspect: personality.

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This is the best example of an intelligent work with virtually no space and nothing compares to the feeling you have when you see how everything was well thought and well organized. The rooms are small, but they have it all and even more, while the terrace seems to belong to another world, the ideal space to forget about a long tiring day, to relax and enjoy life! The tropical plants animate the atmosphere and enchant the eye, just like this entire place!