Historic One Bedroom Apartment Gets A Metropolitan New Look by Ron Marvin

When you find the right place to call home you simply know it. For interior designer Ron Marvin, that place was a small apartment in uptown Manhattan. Although small, the one-bedroom apartment became his dream home, especially after he added his own metropolitan twist to the design.

Ron Marvin Masculine Living RoomView in gallery

The designer decided to embrace a new color palette which, in the case of the living room, includes shades of deep tam, charcoal and bronze. The room is small yet instead of furnishing it with small things, he selected a few medium to large scale pieces including the console table and the sofa.This is how the living room got its strong personality.

Ron Marvin Sideboard design1View in gallery

Ron Marvin Living room designView in gallery

Light and dark shades was mixed for a more dramatic effect. Elements like this painting bring the décor together. The white, beige and gray tones complement the living room’s décor beautifully.

Ron Marvin Black Wallpaper designView in gallery

The entryway is a little different in terms of colors. The black and white wallpaper and the matching artwork prepare the guests for a simple yet chic design. It’s nice how each area has its own character.

Ron Marvin Dining room designView in gallery

Black and white are the defining colors of other spaces as well, including the dining room which is a sort of mixture between modern simplicity and metropolitan charm. The pendant light is an eye-catching piece defined by contrasts. The gallery wall is also an eclectic accent detail.

Ron Marvin fireplace designView in gallery

Like an artist, the designer got creative and found ways to transform simple elements into focal points. This fireplace, for example, got a glamorous makeover. The mirrors add depth to the room and are a simple and chic way of decorating the space without interfering with the rest of the accent features.

Ron Marvin Small Bathroom designView in gallery

Some of the rooms, the bedroom in particular, are very small. This one measures only 96 square feet. Given the small dimensions, the designer decided to turn it into an intimate and cozy sleeping area. He covered the walls with black grass-cloth wallpaper, added matching curtains and lamps and decorated the walls with light-colored artwork for a little bit of contrast.

Ron Marvin Dark Masculine DesignView in gallery

Since the room was tiny, the furniture had to be small too. Even so, this compact dresser is the perfect piece for the room. It warms up the dark and masculine palette.

Ron Marvin Bathroom designView in gallery

The bathroom is, as expected, small. However, it looks absolutely charming. The designer doesn’t believe in bathrooms as being purely utilitarian spaces. As a result, he added his own twist to its interior décor. The checkered flooring, the subtle black and white stripes, the framed artwork and, of course, the mirrored accent piece offer the room a glamorous look.