Nordic Apartment Showcases How to Decorate An Open Space

It’s difficult to say no to an apartment when it looks as beautiful and chic as this one does. Located in Stockholm, this apartment is indeed very charming. As expected, the Nordic interior design and décor are very simple and very bright and airy. The walls are white like in the case of most Nordic homes but this detail doesn’t mean this place lacks character and identity.

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Situated on the second floor of a building that dates back to 1905, this apartment is a lovely piece of history. But, even though the building is very old, this space has a modern look. It has been renovated numerous times and every time it got more beautiful. The last owner decided to give it tasteful and stylish look while maintaining its simplicity. As you can see, every room is chic in its own way. The furniture and the accessories are beautifully distributed and there’s harmony throughout the apartment.

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The high ceilings make this place seem even more airy and spacious. The living room features two black sofas facing each other. The combination of black and white is elegant and always beautiful. In this case, the parquet flooring also adds a third nuance to the mix. It makes the apartment feel more casual, warm and inviting. The kitchen is very clean and organized. It features straight lines and lots of storage. The bedroom is simple and serene but it’s also romantic. It has four windows that let tons of natural light get inside.{found on Fantastic Frank}.