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A Motorized Wheelbarrow Can Make Gardening Easier

A motorized wheelbarrow is basically an upgraded version of the regular wheelbarrow. It is a regular powerhouse when it comes to moving heavy loads around the yard, and an absolute must have if you’re a contractor or a landscaper.

 Motorized Wheelbarrow

While some homeowners can make do without using a motorized wheelbarrow, it is certainly the type of product that makes one’s life easier and can save you a lot of effort and pain. But how do you choose a motorized wheelbarrow that’s suitable for your needs? Let’s answer that question together.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall: SuperHandy Utility Service Cart

A heavy-duty machine at a budget-friendly price, this SuperHandy wheelbarrow is the perfect option for homeowners that want performance without breaking the bank.

Best Price: Landworks Wheelbarrow Utility Cart

If you want a wheelbarrow that can successfully be used for several types of work around the house but you aren’t willing to spend thousands on it, this Landworks machine hits the sweet spot.

Best for Heavy-Duty Work: Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow

“Super machine and highly recommend!! Saves so much muscle work.” (Customer review)

Why You Need a Motorized Wheelbarrow

Granted, a motorized wheelbarrow isn’t a must-have for getting work done around the house, but the benefits it provides are worth giving a read-through, because they might actually be of use to you:

  • A motorized wheelbarrow can carry more weight without you having to break your back to push it around. This type of wheelbarrow can carry up to five or six times more weight compared to a mechanical model, minimizing the amount of time it takes for you to move materials from one spot to another.
  • A mechanical wheelbarrow is more likely to cause accidents on the job site, especially because it’s quite difficult to maneuver on stubborn and uneven terrain. Furthermore, a motorized wheelbarrow makes it easier to push a heavy load uphill.
  • With a motorized wheelbarrow, you can perform a task that would take hours in a matter of minutes. And since we all know that time is money, the time you save will also save you money (or help you make more money if you are a contractor that’s looking to get the job done faster).
  • If you are a homeowner that you’re struggling with doing things done around the house, a motorized wheelbarrow eliminates a lot of elbow grease that one would normally have to put into when operating a mechanical unit.

How to Choose a Motorized Wheelbarrow

When you’re looking for a power wheelbarrow, there are a few features and specifications that you need to pay attention to if you want to make sure that the product meets your demands.


One of the most important things on a motorized wheelbarrow is, obviously, the power of the motor. This power is typically given by its type. Gas-powered wheelbarrows are typically the choice of professionals (such as contractors and landscapers) because they are more powerful and more expensive.

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If you are a homeowner, an electric wheelbarrow might be the better choice for you. They are more affordable, make less noise that the neighbors would likely complain about. Keep in mind that electric wheelbarrows run on batteries, so it’s best if you find a model with a battery that can last between 40 minutes and one hour before it requires charging.

Tracks vs. Wheels

You have multiple options when it comes to the wheels and tires that a wheelbarrow is equipped with and this will help you get more or less functionality out of the unit. Considering the fact that the tires are the only component of the wheelbarrow that actually touches the ground, it’s important to make sure that the wheel and the surface have enough contact to provide stability.

Wheelbarrows that have air-filled tires are the best option because they can support loads of weight while still being a lightweight component themselves. They are better at absorbing impact and can easily move across difficult terrain. Plastic tires are more likely to suffer damage ahead of time.

As you’re browsing through different wheelbarrow models, you will notice that these machines can have up to four wheels, and the number of wheels will determine the stability and the capacity of the machine. How many tires your need on your wheelbarrow strictly depends on what you’re going to use it for.

  • Single-wheel wheelbarrows are designed with a wheel in the front side and two stands on the back, for balance. Motorized wheelbarrows that have a single wheel come with a throttle on the handle which allows you to adjust the driveshaft’s’ speed. This type of wheelbarrow is suitable for carrying up to 200 pounds, as heavier loads are more likely to damage the machine.
  • Two-wheel wheelbarrows offer more traction compared to their single-wheel counterparts and offer more stability for heavier loads. They are slightly more expensive compared to the previous category. They are better in setups where you have to move loads uphill and when having to cross uneven terrain.
  • Tri-wheel motorized wheelbarrows are commonly purchased by contractors. They do not come with a fixed base like the previous two options, but they offer a driveshaft that’s located either at the front or the back of the unit. They offer more stability because of the third wheel that offers zero-turn functionality.
  • Four-wheel wheelbarrows are extremely stable and easy to use, but they are also the most expensive options on the market. The large hoppers allow you to carry much more weight. These wheelbarrows come with handles on either side of the unit, allowing you to slow down the wheels on one side of the machine. These machines, while larger and heavier, are great in small yards and tight spaces because they can turn around with ease and without having to make a large turning circle. The hoppers on these machines can support up to 600 pounds in weight.

Note that some heavy duty wheelbarrows are equipped with tracks instead of wheels. They are the best choice for rugged terrain, but they are way too much for use around the average homeowner’s garden.

Load Bins & Hoppers

The hopper is the component that determines how much weight you can carry with your wheelbarrow. If you opt for a model that allows you to remove the hopper, your wheelbarrow can basically double as a small tractor, offering more versatility in terms of what you can do around the yard.

You will notice that the hopper’s capacity is typically measured in cubic feet, and an average homeowner can make do with about three or four cubic feet around the yard. Larger wheelbarrows that are more suitable for contractors usually have large hoppers because of the amount of weight these machines are supposed to carry.

The majority of wheelbarrow hoppers are made from durable plastic, but for heavy-duty use, a more durable solution is required. Professionals will often choose machines that have hoppers made from stainless steel.

It is really important for you to pay attention to how to hopper tips the payload before spending money on a motorized wheelbarrow. You will notice that a lot of single and two-wheel wheelbarrows have hoppers that tip over just like they do in a mechanical unit. That automatically means that it will be more difficult to tip them over when carrying heavy loads if you’re not getting any extra help.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to buy a single or dual-wheel model, you need to look for machines that have large handles because they provide you with more leverage and make tipping the hopper easier.

Three and four-wheel wheelbarrows will generally require assistance when it comes to tipping the hopper because they are usually designed to carry heavy payloads. If you want to make your life a whole lot easier, look for models that have motorized tippers.


Certain wheelbarrow brands offer accessories together with the purchase, but also the possibility of purchasing compatible accessories separately. These accessories are meant to enhance the utility of the wheelbarrow and offer great benefits, such as the ability to carry larger objects or more weight.

Best Motorized Wheelbarrows

SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Electric Powered Utility Cart

Motorized Wheelbarrow

The SuperHandy wheelbarrow is an electric machine that comes with a 24V brushless motor and a battery that promises up to 5 hours of use upon a full charge. It can hold a total weight of 330 pounds and up to four cubic feet of material. The 13-inch wheels promise to offer a sufficient amount of traction regardless of the type of terrain they are facing, and can be inflated at a maximum pressure of 30 PSI.

This wheelbarrow comes with a bunch of features that are worth mentioning, such as the ergonomic thumb accelerator, the light indicator that keeps you informed on the current battery life, the sturdy powder-coated steel frame, and the 12V 7Ah AGM rechargeable battery.


  • Durable powder-coated steel frame.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Large carrying capacity (330 pounds/4 cubic feet)


  • Poor instructions.

Landworks Wheelbarrow Utility Cart Electric Powered

Motorized Wheelbarrow

The Landworks wheelbarrow shares a lot of similarities with the aforementioned model but comes at a slightly lower cost. It is a battery-powered unit that relies on two 12V rechargeable batteries that offer quiet operation, no smoke emissions, and a fast-charge capability. Much like the SuperHandy wheelbarrow, this one can also carry up to 330 pounds in weight or four cubic feet of debris and materials.

Some of the features that are also worth mentioning include the quality powder-coated steel frame for extra durability, the ergonomic thumb accelerator pedal, the forward and reverse guides marked on the electric control system, and the battery life indicator.


  • Quick assembly.
  • Easy to maneuver regardless of age.
  • Good battery life.


  • Poor customer service.

Makita XUC01PTX1 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Power-Assisted

Motorized Wheelbarrow

When it comes to power tools and machines that you need to get work done around the house, Makita is a brand that people have relied on for years. This wheelbarrow kit comes with everything needed to offer you amazing battery life and specifications that are suitable for homeowners that need to do an average amount of work around the yard.

What this wheelbarrow delivers is 60 minutes of run time using a 6.0Ah battery that can charge in less than one hour thanks to the fast charging feature. The brushless motor promises a lifespan of up to 50 percent more compared to other types of motors. It can transport up 275 pounds of weight. It is equipped with a two-speed setting and protection against dust and water.


  • Interchangeable batteries that work on other Makita power tools.
  • Fast charging battery.
  • Protection against dust and water.


  • Only suitable for light use.

Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow Power Wagon

Motorized Wheelbarrow

With a loading capacity of 500 pounds and working on slopes of up to 15 degrees incline, this is one of the best options you have if you’re looking for a heavy-duty machine. Since it can hold up to six cubic feet of material, this is one of the best choices for carrying firewood, but works really well for contracting jobs if needed. The 13-inch pneumatic wheels are solid and reliable, offering stability across all kinds of difficult terrain.

It uses one of two 2Ah/4Ah lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged to offer hours of continuous use. The electric motor can be turned on with a flip of a switch. The dump release latch can easily be operated with a single hand, making this wheelbarrow perfect for different types of users.


  • Carries up to 500 pounds in weight.
  • Easy to start with the push of a button.
  • Works on heavy-duty terrain.


  • Hard to push when the battery is low.

SuperHandy Utility Service Cart Power Wagon Wheelbarrow Electric

Motorized Wheelbarrow

One of the best wheelbarrows that you can own without spending a fortune on high-end specs and features is this SuperHandy machine that doubles as a utility cart. It can load up to 500 pounds and promises a hauling capacity of 1000 pounds and, while it shares a lot of similar specs with the aforementioned Landworks cart, it comes at a more convenient price.

Using one or two 2Ah/4Ah lithium-ion batteries, this power wheelbarrow offers a considerable amount of runtime and a battery indicator so you can always tell how much time you have left. The levels and switches are easy to reach so you will always have full control over the wheelbarrow while standing in the most comfortable positions.


  • Traction on difficult terrain.
  • Durable metal frame construction.
  • Easy to maneuver even with a heavy load.


  • Might require assistance for assembly.


Are 2-wheel wheelbarrows better?

It really depends on what you most prioritize in a wheelbarrow. Those with a single wheel are easier to maneuver, which is important when you want to work in small areas. Having two wheels on a wheelbarrow is better for transporting heavier loads because it helps with balance.

What is a power wheelbarrow?

Power wheelbarrows is another way to describe motorized wheelbarrows, which are equipped with motors and features that make it easier for one to handle large amounts of gardening work.

What is the best wheelbarrow on the market?

The best wheelbarrow on the market is the one that gets the job done without creating additional frustrations. As far as motorized wheelbarrows are concerned, the top brands include names such as Makita and Landworks.

What can I use instead of a wheelbarrow?

If you can’t afford to purchase a wheelbarrow right now, there are a few alternatives that might work, although they might require calling in extra people to help or demand more physical effort on your behalf. Some of the most popular wheelbarrow alternatives include: tarp/duffel/sack, sleds, containers, and garbage cans.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t do any professional construction work, a motorized wheelbarrow is certainly not an essential item, but it is the type of machine that, once used around the yard, makes you wonder how you ever got anything done without it. It makes it easier to move large and heavy loads around the yard, make it easier to haul firewood for house warming, offers ease of maneuvering, and a bunch of other specifications that make carrying heavy stuff around easier than it ever was.