Modern two-room apartment in Gothenburg

This apartment measures 52 square meters but it’s surprisingly spacious and bright. It has two rooms and an airy kitchen and it’s currently on the market for 1.795 million SEK. The apartment is located in Kungsladugård, a region of Gothenburg, in a building that dates from 1924. It’s a lovely apartment, on the third floor of the 3-story building.

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The apartment has been beautifully restored and it features the original windows on the east and west sides as well as the original flooring, the paneling and the mirrored doors. These are all elements that have been preserved during the renovation, that create the charm and character of the apartment.

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Traditional sweden apartment kitchen

The kitchen is spacious and has an industrial feel. It’s facing east and it’s bright and light-filled. The kitchen is large and has plenty of space for a dining area as well. It’s square-shaped and this allows it to accommodate many different arrangement and décor options.

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The living room is also square-shaped and this makes it versatile and easy to decorate. It’s a flexible space with west-facing windows that allow views of the castles. The living room can easily accommodate a sofa, a coffee table, a bookcase or sideboard as well as a couple of comfortable armchairs. The bedroom has west-facing windows with views of the green landscape. It’s a quiet space, perfect for relaxation. It features a double bed, a wardrobe and an armchair but it could also accommodate a small workspace if needed. Overall, this is a lovely apartment, not overly small but still inviting and friendly.{found on alvhemmakleri}.