Modern, casual and dreamy apartments in a complex in Vaasa

Benefiting from a perfect location in the Vaasa City, this apartment complex offers charming accommodations. It contains wonderful apartments that could easily become the dream home of most people. It’s not just about the interior décor or the facilities but about a harmonious whole. Each apartment it this complex has a very nice structure and layout.

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Each apartment has two bathrooms which are quite spacious as well as a large kitchen area. in addition, the living room is a very inviting and comfortable space. As you enter, a hallway welcomes you into the apartment. Then you reach the open space that contains the kitchen on one side and the living area on the other. They are separated by a bar. The most wonderful thing about this space would have to be the airy and cozy as well as casual décor.

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The white walls and white floor create a simple and bright background for everything else. The furniture is modern but also simple and with that casual look that makes it charming. The wooden floor also adds a little warmth to the space, despite its neutral color.

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The bedroom is quite small but it shares the same bright and inviting atmosphere as the rest of the house. It’s also interesting to notice how neat and airy the apartment looks like without much furniture or exposed storage spaces. Near the living room there’s a portion that features a huge cupboard which is great for getting most things out of the way.