Modern and Beautifuly Skyline Lab kitchen by Snaidero

A great design, besides the aesthetics, must take care of the practical constituent. And that’s a rule! But when it comes to people with disabilities, these elements are even more mandatory. Let’s take for example the kitchen. Not anyone can afford a large kitchen where they can move without crashing into different pieces of furniture and if the kitchen owner is a person with special needs, his movement are even more limited and he needs either more space either a compact positioning of all the kitchen’s utensils.

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The designers from Snaidero come again with an idea that tries to ease the kitchen labor of a person in wheelchair. They created the Skyline Lab kitchen, a compact module that gathers all you need, to cook and eat, all carefully arranged so that the owner can reach everything with the less effort. The module has an ergonomic shape so that a wheelchair could perfectly access all its corners and all its heights and depths were specially calculated to make the owner comfortable.

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The module gathers all you need, such as a sink, an oven, space to eat and to cook, drawers, cupboards and a retractable shelf. All these are arranged in a very elegant way and their disposure doesn’t give the impression of a crowded place. Besides its utility, the Skyline Lab kitchen also has a stylish design, it is made by high quality materials and it can be personalized depending on the customer’s needs.