Minimalist kitchen design ideas

If you were to pick a room of the house which should feature a minimalist design, wouldn’t that room be the kitchen? It’s a natural response. We enjoy minimalist kitchens because they all look so clean, simple and tranquil. But there’s more to it than that.

Clean lines and straight angles give the kitchen a professional look

White is the main color in most modern and minimalist kitchens
Everything is hidden behind closed doors and the rooms appears very clean and organized

Minimalist kitchens are not the best suit for large families. Because they’re so simple, they’re not designed to be used by more than one person at a time. This is a style that requires an organized ritual. In a minimalist kitchen, the appliances seem to take very little space. That’s because they are designed this way. Modern kitchen appliances usually feature sleek and and simple lines and they’re often built-ins.

Minimalism is the perfect style for small kitchens
Light wooden floors usually ground a white kitchen
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The wooden ceiling is an unexpected detail designed to balance out the whiteness
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Although color contrasts do exist, they’re subtle and harmonious
Built-in appliances always look natural in contemporary kitchens
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Gray is popular in contemporary design and usually part of any kitchen
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Stainless steel surfaces are preferred because of their simple and versatile structure

Another characteristic of modern kitchens is the neutral and light color scheme. White is the most common shade but other colors are also popular. Typically, the palette doesn’t include bold tones but mostly pastels or the timeless black and white.

Although very simple, this kitchen feels welcoming thanks to the wood accents
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The black and white combo is well-balanced by the concrete floor
In a minimalist kitchen, everything seems to have a sculptural side
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The minimal window frames make the views that much more impressive
The architecture of the space is highlighted through simplicity
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White and wood is a combo typical to Scandinavian designs
Despite the apparent emptiness, this kitchen is equipped with everything necessary
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In open floor plan designs, the kitchen island/ bar serves as a divider
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Everything is in place and hidden out of sight yet still very practical