Miele Grand Froid 4-door refrigerator

This refrigerator is dedicated for big houses.The Miele Grand Froid 4 door refrigerator is the right choice if you need a big refrigerator and it was build according to the European standards and has 874 a liter or 31 ft³ cooling capacity.The Miele Grand Froid 4 featuring two large vegetable and fruit drawers, an additional 103 liter BioFresh compartment which maintains temperature between 0.5°C and 3°C, extending fresh fish and meat storage time longer is available for $14,700.


It may sound like a big amount of money, but quality and space do cost. And here you can have both. Not to mention the fact that this is not just any ordinary refrigerator: this is a combination between a refrigerator and a freezer. The upper compartments are meant to keep things cool just ready to be served, while the lower compartments also have three drawers, but this time for storing food that you want frozen.

It has four doors which open in the middle, as this is the common line for all of them: two doors for the refrigerator and two for the freezer. If you come to think of it it looks like you stuck two refrigerators and two freezers together. Yes, it is huge. And nice looking and cool.