Mid-Century Interior Design in Portland

Everybody wants to have his own place, his own house, according to his own taste. The interior is as important as the outside, if not more important, as you spend most of your time in your home, especially if it is an apartment. This Portland interior is an example of a decent, cosy space, characterized by modernity and simplicity at the same time.

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The whiteness of the walls and the glass windows are a blessing, the view that the window offers is the most relaxing one, the fireplace is inspiring. The colours are a delight: a mixture of brown and light wood tones with a shade of refreshing green from place to place in a generally white environment.

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All these aspects provide a delightful harmony, animating everything in the house with their natural touch . The furniture is modern and nicely emphasized by all sorts of flowers and plants which are so important in a home.

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In spite of the existence of  many objects in the house, the interior is pleasant; every object seems to have its previously established place and this gives the impression of an organized space. The decorative elements create a pleasant mood and make people feel comfortable, cosy, relaxed. What else do you need?{found on jhinteriordesign}