Masonry Kitchen Designs by Arrex

If you are looking to redecorate your kitchen with the latest gadgets and design then you can pick the latest Mansonry kitchen design by Arrex. The kitchen is simple yet impressive. The use of polished wood accustomed with the latest gadgets makes this simple kitchen a lot more than the usual.

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The kitchen is spacious and you can easily fit various kitchen accessories and utensils. You can store wine and drinks and can also dine at the wooden dining table.The kitchen design is unique and there is an interesting combination between the dark colour of the wooden kitchen furniture and the white wall that surrounds it.

This time the brick wall is not just the background for the furniture, but there are all kinds of adjustments made to make the furniture fit and  make the most use of it. Even the kitchen cupboard is white on the outside as if it were a continuation of the wall and it has all kinds of little shelves and outside  displaying places that you can easily mistake them for a built-in shelf. It reminds me a bit of the old times, of the old-fashioned furniture people used almost a century ago.