MAPLE nightstand

I like simple things and I believe life is too complicated to fill it with some other complicated things, too. So I prefer being surrounded by simple and nice things that are useful and easy to use and do not require too much attention and time from me. That is why I really love the minimalist style of the modern times. So somehow I think that this MAPLE nightstand is the object that illustrates my taste best because it is small, but useful and effective and it serves its purpose best.

MAPLEnghtIt is obvious that this night stand is made of maple wood which is pretty light coloured, but this confers the piece of furniture a special look. What is very special about the colour of this night stand is the fact that it preserves the natural colour of the maple wood and is only added a thin layer of lacquer. This way, each stand will be unique and will have its own special colour because each maple tree has a bit different shade of colour. The stand is designed and manufactured in Canada and then it can be shipped all over the world. It has a big drawer up front and four sturdy legs underneath. You can now purchase the item for $299.