Luxurious Downtown Apartment in Amsterdam

If you look for the comfort of a luxury hotel and, at the same time, the independence of a private apartment, you have already found it! It is nothing else than a downtown apartment in Amsterdam, nothing new so far, but if you have the chance of seeing the perfect mixture of modern Dutch aesthetic with the contemporary oriental accents, you realize it is the ideal place for a holiday and even for business. It is the perfect example of elegance, calm and isolation that we need so much when we are away. The fact that it is located in the centre of Amsterdam cannot be than a plus.

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This apartment has the luxury met only in a five-star hotel, but it also proves that pleasant privacy that only a private place provides. The apartment is not full of all sorts of objects, on the contrary, there is a lot of free space and the existing pieces of furniture and decorative objects are characterized by modernity and simplicity.

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The walls are either white, giving the impression of a even wider space, either brick walls – simple and colorful, giving a certain traditional tone to the entirely modern atmosphere of the house. The furniture pieces are very modern, just like the decorative objects and all sorts of plants that have the same role, that of animating every room. The paintings, the statues, the colorful flowers give life to a particular space that is perfect and at your disposal.Available from 195 euros per night.