Light Box by Studio Jo Meesters

The Light Box is actually a floor lamp.The lamp which is made out of wood has a pattern of 8000 holes reinforced with transparant resin. In combination with the pattern of low growing trees, Light Box is the ideal room divider forming an artificial hedge or a nocturnal landscape within your home. It is perfect if you have a big living room and want to separate one corner of the room from the other in a discreet way, without interposing a wall or using a door, but just this nice looking light box that can be your temporary solution .

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It is also perfect for parties when you want a bit of spark and glamour but without having to turn on the lights and in this case the nice contours of the trees made out of lights will be perfect.Except for the little lights that form the trees most of the light comes from underneath the box, making the atmosphere intimate and magic.