Basic Types Of Lighting To Use In Your House

Everyone knows that lighting is very important in any space, regardless of the type, function and design. But lighting is more complicated than just choosing a chandelier and a lamp. You have to also think of the type of lighting you want to use in a particular room or space. There are three main types of lighting you should consider, although there are also several other categories you could then think about. These three types are:

Ambient lighting.

Kitchen backsplash lighting
Ambient lighting illuminates the room when you flip on the switch upon entering a space

Also called general lighting, this type includes the overall illumination forms usually used in a room. Its role is to create a uniform light level throughout this space. It does not include special lighting and only focuses on the overall effect. Ambient lighting can take several forms. You could opt for ceiling-mounted or recessed fixtures, for wall sconces, cove lighting, floor lamps, etc.


Kitchen backsplash lighting
For highlighting, you can use recessed or track lighting with adjustable fittings

Highlighting is also known as accent lighting and it’s meant to draw attention on a particular object or space. It is commonly used for artwork, sculptures, plants or bookcases. Sometimes it’s also used outdoors where it can highlight the shape of a tree, a plant or a water feature. The whole point of using this type of lighting is to draw the eye to a particular area.

Target lighting.

Kitchen backsplash lighting

Target lighting or task lighting is used to illuminate a particular area of a room. For example, it could be used for the kitchen counters (under-cabinet lighting), for the living room, the seating area or the reading corner. In offices, it takes the form of desk lamps.

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