Lego Inspired Home Furnishings are Trendy

Lego is one phenomenon that a person can never get rid of at least till the time he is young and the passion for Lego is now touching new heights. It is not just limited to creating one off surreal Lego structures, but the design is now gone mainstream with Lego inspiring the home furnishings.

Red Blue Lego ChairView in gallery

There are the Lunablocks which give Lego the form of a coffee table and even a console table and then there is the Lego Chandelier which has been designed by John Harrington. Another home furnishing item is the Lego LED Lamp which is an ED illuminated acrylic block lamp from Taiwan’s 25togo. Lego is something which lets a child explore his creative potentials and rightfully, the theme deserves to be an inspiration for home furnishings.

Lego is always fun when you’re a kid. And it would still be fun when you’re a grown up, except that you would look silly playing with lego pieces.  But there’s an alternative to that and this collection can tell you all about it.  These furniture pieces are all inspired by the lego pieces. It’s like living in a lego house.

Playa dEau lego designView in gallery

Lunablock lego creationsView in gallery

Lego sofaView in gallery

Lego kitchen islandView in gallery

Lego board room tableView in gallery

Brick Tower Mood Light View in gallery

Brick Bright Lego Lamp by OutofStock StudioView in gallery

Bekky lego furnitureView in gallery

They are very colorful and fun. I especially like the sofa and the chair. Each piece is unique and very interesting. It would make your home happier. Ideally, you would be able to incorporate all of these pieces in your home. But if that’s not possible, one is still enough.