Holiday Kitchen Accessories Gift Guide 2015: 20 Must-Have Items!

It’s that time of the year again! Shopping for your family and friends doesn’t have to be challenging or stressful. Just think about what they love to do and have us help you with the rest. Today we’re focusing on those that love to spend time in the kitchen, whether it be trying their hand at a gourmet meal or baking up the most delicious pie you’ve ever tasted, we’ve got some of the most sought after must-have’s on this list. Check out this holiday gift guide catered to kitchen accessories that any foodie lover or chef-to-be would love to have!

1. Phillips Pasta Maker, $299 Amazon

Phillips Pasta MakerView in gallery

For those that love to experiment in the kitchen and love Italian dinners, this could be quite the luxury gift for them! They’ll be able to make a pound of pasta in under 15 minutes! And it’s so good that it’s a part of Oprah’s favorite things list this year!

2. No Kid Hungry Spatula, $12.95 Williams-Sonoma

Chef Series Silicone SpatulaView in gallery

These celebrity-designed spatulas from Williams-Sonoma give 30% of their sales to No Kid Hungry. So not are you giving an adorable gift (or perfect stocking stuffer) but it’s for a great cause!

3. Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags, $9.99 Uncommon Goods

Toaster Grilled Cheese BagsView in gallery

Here’s another great stocking stuffer for those that like to play around in the kitchen, or your college son or daughter that would love to have these when trying to cook something up in the dorm room.

4. Bejeweled Bottle Opener, $450 Kelly Wearstler

Bejeweled bottle openerView in gallery

Made with hand-selected pyrite stones, this beautiful bronze bottle opener isn’t just used for function but it’s a work of art too! It’s a bit pricier when shopping for gifts but it could be used if you need something extra-extra special!

5. Complete Knife Set, $39 Urban Outfitters

Complete Kitchen Knife SetView in gallery

Colorful and lively, housed in a wood storage container, these are not only needed in a cook’s kitchen but they add a pop of color to an unsuspecting place too!

6. Joseph Joseph Tomato Vinyl Worktop Saver & Cutting Board, $25.29 Target

Joseph Joseph Tomato Vinyl Worktop Saver and Cutting BoardView in gallery

Check out this adorable cutting board from Target! It’s unique, it’s a present for those that love quirky home features and it’s functional too!

7.  Mint Dash Go Everyday Electric Mixer, $49.99 World Market

Mint Dash Go Everyday Electric MixerView in gallery

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a stand-up electric mixer, and with this one from World Market you get the style and the function you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

8. Krups Black Coffee Grinder, $19.99 Bed Bath & Beyond

Black Coffee GrinderView in gallery

Treat your loved ones to freshly ground coffee by providing them with a simple, functional coffee grinder for Christmas! This one from BBB is one of its best selling and most popular, so you know it’ll work great for them!

9. Animal Wooden Plate, $28 Fancy

Animal Wooden PlateView in gallery

These animal wooden plates are just adorable aren’t they? Kiddos will love them and they’ll add a certain fun charm to lunchtime at home for the family. Made of 100% maple wood with a lot of personality in each design.

10. Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice Rack, $34.99 Container Store

Acrylic 20-Bottle Spice RackView in gallery

Organize and display your spices right with this innovative design and chic rack from The Container Store, coming with pre-made labels, bottles and more you’ll be giving a useful and fashion-forward gift all in one for the kitchen.

11. Vintage Style Red Scale, $79 West Elm

Vintage Style Red ScaleView in gallery

If your friend or family member is creating a kitchen with a vintage vibe, and they’re really involved in cooking, baking and the like – why not add one of these to their collection not only is it useful but it acts as a great countertop piece as well.

12. Oven-to-Table Stoneware Mini Cocottes, $13.99 Sur La Table

Oven-to-Table Stoneware Mini CocottesView in gallery

For the oven or the microwave, these single servers are perfect for everything from soups to soufflés. They can also survive in the freezer and refrigerator -perfect for leftovers!

13. All-Clad Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan, $99.99 Food Network Store

All-Clad Stainless Steel Lasagna Pan with lidView in gallery

Use these dishes for everything from classic lasagna to casseroles to even some fun cake recipes! The family will love it and it’s a must-have for every home.

14. Rhodes Spice Tower, $23 Pottery Barn

Spice towerView in gallery

Perfect for prepping meals and adding a dash of this or that when whipping up something in the kitchen, this chic, common spice tower is perfect for those that not only need an easy-to-access solution, it’s stylish too!

15. Vitamix Professional Series 200 Blender, $449 Williams-Sonoma

Vitamix Professional Series 200 BlenderView in gallery

This is a great gift for newlyweds, health buffs or those that would love to experiment with new flavors a bit. If you’re looking for something extra special, take a peek at this blender first!

16. Cutting Board with iPad Stand, $54 Williams-Sonoma

Cutting Board with iPadView in gallery

Most are using their iPads in the kitchen instead of following recipes in tangible cookbooks, with this techy gadget your loved one will be able to follow along with the instructions and cut too!

17. Waring Red Popcorn Maker, $79.95 Crate & Barrel

Waring Red Popcorn MakerView in gallery

Reminiscent of the movie theatre machines we know and love, give this gift to those that not only love a good movie but a family that will be able to dress up their kitchen, bonus room or bar with it!

18. Limb by Whim Measuring Cups, $34.99 Modcloth

Limb by Whim Measuring CupsView in gallery

For the baker in your life, a new, beautiful set of measuring cups could be the gift they’ve been dreaming of. Just check out these unique cuties from Modcloth!

19. Classic Cocktail Towel, $14 Uncommon Goods

Classic Cocktails TowelView in gallery

Style your bar cart a bit better with this adorable cocktail towel. Needed for keeping countertops dry while you mix and shake some delicious drinks for your friends and family throughout the holiday season.

20. Yolkfish Egg Separator, 14$ Fancy

Yolkfish Egg SeparatorView in gallery

With this little stocking stuffer you’ll be able to separate the yolk from the whites with ease and offbeat style. This is one of those quirky additions to the gifts that your loved one will get a nice chuckle out of.