Kibele Penthouse Apartment in Turkey

This great penthouse apartment is one of the prestigious complexes in Ulus situated inTurkey. At the top of luxurious apartments the ‘Kibele Penthouse Apartment’ has an out-door pool where you and your family can enjoy a warm summer day.The penthouse has a also a tennis court, squash, table tennis, billiard room and a 24 hour security. It has a 350 m2 area situated in the central of Besiktas.

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The central location gives you and your family the chance to live a pleasant life. The big rooms are fully furnished. The great penthouse has 5 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and 2 partial full bathrooms. The interior of the apartment consists in 3,767Sq Ft.( 349.966Sq m) perfect made for a numerous family. You can also compete with the family members or friends in games or sports (tennis, billiard, swimming).

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The 24 hour security gives a cosy feeling for you and your family members. The breathtaking color composition was carefully combined with what some might consider a heavy dose of furniture and decorative accents. Although the interior design of the penthouse apartment beneficiates from smartly placed lights, the ambiance is improved by earth tones and glossy finishes.

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Owning a well designed penthouse apartment brings many benefits: from a visually attractive residential project to a sensitive and personalized lifestyle, connected to the inhabitant’s deepest needs and wishes.