More Than Just A Cozy Sleeping Area – 15 Bedrooms Designs Featuring Reading Corners

The bedroom’s main function is that of a sleeping area so it has to fulfill a series of characteristics. It has to be welcoming, relaxing, cozy and comfortable. But just because that’s the room’s principal function doesn’t mean it has to be the only one.

Bedroom reading armchairs
The reading area should be placed near the window where it can benefit from natural light

In fact, there are lots of cases when, in the bedroom, there are also other functions incorporated in the design. For example, my bedroom is also my workspace but it’s not exactly the best combination.

Narrow bedroom reading area
It would be best if the reading corner would sit away from the bed
Master bedroom
The reading area should be comfortable, preferably with armchairs
Luxury bedroom furniture
You could also get yourself a footstool for even more comfort

A better combo would be a bedroom with a reading corner. There are many things that make this a great mix. First of all, reading before you go to sleep is a wonderful idea. It relaxes you and it gets you sleepy. It’s much better than to watch TV because then your brain is stimulated on several levels and you won’t be able to sleep comfortably.

Round wall bedroom
If you don’t have a TV in the bedroom, then the reading area can be placed in front of the bed
Cozy bedroom design
It would be nice if the furniture you choose for this space matches the rest of the room
Tufted headboard decor
If you have the space you can organize two or more cozy reading areas
Cream bedroom design
Make sure you include a lamp and preferably a table on which to put your books
Warmth bedroom design
A lamp is not always necessary if there’s enough light coming from outside
Oversized floor lamp
Make your reading corner cozy, maybe with a blanket and a comfy pillow

The reading corner should be close to the window and preferably not right next to the bed. Since you’ll be using light when reading, you don’t want to disturb the other person who is maybe already asleep.

Bedroom design
It’s nice to have two chairs in case someone wants to join you
Green bedroom interior
Try to maintain a cohesive décor throughout the room
Fireplace bedroom
Some sort of storage space for the books would also be nice
Elegant bedroom design
Keep the décor simple, without unnecessary furniture pieces
Master bedroom cozy feel
A chic bedroom with two reading areas in either side of the bed

Make sure you have a lamp in this area, one that’s not too aggressive with the eyes and preferably with adjustable levels of intensity. Also, your reading corner should be cozy and comfortable but it shouldn’t include a sofa because then you’ll just fall asleep there and never go to bed.

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