Jewel Box Mini Pendant

All girls and women like jewelry. It does not matter if it is gold or silver or ordinary copper or chrome , it is important for them to have jewels because they love accessories and they use them to make themselves pretty. So, it is only natural for all women to love jewel boxes. These are their small and secret safes that keep their most beloved and expensive treasures away from the others’ reach. No wonder some creative designers had the idea of making a pendant light that looks just like a jewelry box. This is the  Jewel Box Mini Pendant and it looks great.

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This lamp is great and very appropriate for any home or office that is meant to be used by at least one woman and not only. It is actually a stylized metal cage that looks like a box and is further protected by a transparent glass rectangular box without sides. The inner cage that houses the light bulb is actually made of aluminum, so pretty lightweight, and the linear suspension has chrome finish that is all sparkling and shiny. It works with 40 watt, 120 volt, T4 G9  light bulbs and can be purchased for $96. You might consider using many of these lamps for a better effect, since this one is rather small in size. However, the designer is great.