Interview With Turkish Interior Designer Gülşah Cantaş

Few weeks ago we coverd an office and we was impressed about design. It was a 1300 square meter space that was then turned into a contemporary office for a youth agency with nine departments.We got the chance to speak with Gülşah Cantaş from Kontra.So, learn more about Gülşah Cantaş and their company in this awesome interview:

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How did you get into this field?

We are three partners me Cem and Pelin and we were working together before establish our office, then we decided to continue with our own company.

When did you know you wanted to be a interior designer?

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We were knowing that since from high school, it is just about feeling…Who you are and what are you going to be in the future, being passionate about what you do..

How would you describe you and your company’s style?

As we said in our webpage Kontra is an enviroment think tank where space and ideas are  audited researched analyzed, created and revolutionized.And we belive that architecture defines one’s world view and is an interdisciplinary language between all art departments.

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Our style depends on building or space, our  general approach to a project it is all about structure’s conjuncture, if it is a historical building we are analyzing architectural period of the building.We never fake, in accordance with the actual past we are shaping the new one.Or if it is a new structure we are shaping according to today’s and project’s  needs.

Where do you find your inspiration?

İstanbul is an amazing city for inspiration full with caos, architecture, new and old next to eachother.Travelling also helps a lot for all that, everything around us breeding our creativity, movies, cities, people …….

We covered few months ago on Homedit the Youth office, can please talk around it ?

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Youth Republic is an youth advertisment agency who are creating every event or company ads about youth in Turkey. It was an old  textile atelier building transformed1300m2 of ancient space is now a contemporary loft for a youth agency with nine departments. Situated right in the middle of the trade center of Istanbul…

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The entrance welcomes guests with a 6m high ceiling and gray rusty metal plates. On them, the philosophy of the company is laid out.This mature masculine appearance emphasises the strength of the young team inside.

Inside, the lively and colorful space screams the inspiration for the young team: “Stay Young!” This is an ideal environment to encourage creativity, concentration and relaxation.

Looking on the site I found the office chair.Why you choose the solid walnut, oak?

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We definetly adore the texture of the walnut and oak has much more young feeling.

How do you see versatile furniture in a world where space has become a challenge?

Definetly it works and helps very much if you have a small space.And day by day cause of the economocial expensiveness square meters getting smaller all around the world.Also it is a real challange able to design functional and good-looking.

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Which piece of furniture in your home is your favorite and why?

Both of them from our collection. Sarr chairs around marble dining table and servant light.Sarr embraces your back very comfy also very stylish and Servant light is very functional while lighting the enviroment also holding my coffee J

Tell us something unusual that happened in your career.

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Everyday is a different adventure and experience, last unusal thing is; we had an appointment with turkish project developer and Aldo Cibic came with him, we didnt know that he was coming.But ı can say that he is the most humble designer we ever met.

What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview?

Following dreams and working a lot.Being passionate, exploring, searching and practicing key words.