Interview with Interior Designer Alexandra Lauren

Born into an American family of designers, Alexandra’s unique aesthetic has evolved from a diversity of projects throughout the U.S. and Asia. As an interior designer Alexandra optimizes space in a manner which expresses the client’s own sense of personal style and taste.But we’ll let you find out more about her in this enticing interview taken by us few days ago.

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Tell us about the moment when you decided to follow a career in the field of interior design.Also let us know few things about you.

I have always been passionate about design and home interiors.  My mother is an interior designer; and ran her own business from our home so I was surrounded by fabric samples, drafting boards and creative energy growing up.  Even as a little girl I would tell everyone that I wanted to be a designer like my mom when I grew up; and would sit in her office with her for hours playing with coloring books.

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Coming from a family of architects, graphic designers, painters, interior decorators and product designers, I dare say the industry runs in the family.  I am proud to say that Alexandra Lauren Designs Ltd is now a mother daughter international design team!  My mother and I have partnered up, and are currently working out of our Hong Kong and Phoenix Arizona studios as a design team! Its so much fun doing something we love together!

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Did you have other options in mind at the time? 

I initially wanted to pursue a job in Home and Garden television as I had a communications background in University.  Straight out of University I moved to Hong Kong to manage and operate a buying office for my families American Import company Heritage Mint Limited; where I designed dinnerware and other house ware products for export to the mass markets overseas in America, Europe, and a few other countries.  The experience in the product development and factory sourcing which has proved very helpful in running my own interior design company.

Where do you look for an obscure source of inspiration?

I am inspired everywhere.  I believe that beauty, and inspiration is everywhere.  I am richly inspired by travel and photography, color and my clients!  I love to create a home as a palette where the client is the outstanding center of attention.  Just as we dress ourselves in our own individual style and flaire every day; I try to emanate my clients own personal style and reflect it in their home.

Can you talk about the pink playroom design? 

This home was done for a father and his three beautiful little girls.  The strong colors in this room really exude the personality of his energetic and bright daughters!

What would be your recommendation for “what to do first” in a decorating project?

Every project I do starts with an initial consultation with the client first.  Its most important to see the space, and initiate what their primary needs for the function of the space include.  Once we have the functional needs addressed, I will then add and blend in the fun and fabulous design layer.

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What’s your favourite room to decorate? 

I have not found a room I do not want to decorate :).  Favorites would include living rooms and bedrooms as I love working with upholstery, fabrics and creating symmetry in a room.  But often my favorite rooms are using rooms that are unthinkable!  In Hong Kong every inch of space really counts!  I recently transformed a clients small closet into a fabulous build in office suite with room for a piano.  When we started the swing of the door took up nearly half of the room!  By converting this door into a sliding panel, we maximized the usable space in this room.  The client previously used this room as a storage room for junk; and was astonished with the result of having home office and music room.  I always have dreams about finding new rooms in houses.  My favorite thing about design is helping people see things in new ways; making the most of things; and making the ordinary extraordinary.

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What’s your current paint colour obsession?  

Would you ask a mother who her favorite child was? 🙂  I cannot pick a favorite color. I love playing with them all.  I must admit I’m excited to paint my own office a perriwinkle blue at the moment.

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What advice do you have for someone with a new house to decorate and perhaps a limited budget?

There is a tremendous amount that can be done on a very limited budget!  Wall color can make a drastic statement and transformation to any room!  Alexandra Lauren Designs offers a Design in a Day package; for those clients who do not want a full comprehensive interior design service.  In a Design in a Day package; we will come into our clients homes, move existing objects from one room into another; suggest paints, fabrics, and provide a shopping list.  If someone really does not have a budget to play with; any space can have a lift by simply refreshing objects in one room, and seeing them in a new way in other parts of the house!

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What do you think is the easiest way to update a room? 

On a primary level, furniture placement for good spacial consistency and flow really effects the mood of a room.  After that, I love to inject color, texture and personal flaire.  I believe that the objects in our homes are not just objects, but stories.  Displaying our own stories in our homes really give them unique personality.

Anything new and exciting that you want to share with the Homedit readers?

Alexandra Lauren Designs will be launching a new product range this year!