Interior Designer Max Gough Apartment

This colorful apartment is located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and it belongs to interior designer Max Gough. He shares this space with his cat, Bruno. It’s a 700 square feet bungalow-style apartment that the two have been calling home for 7 years. The apartment is very beautifully decorated. It features an eclectic style and a décor very rich in color.

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The textures are dark throughout the apartment and they are complemented by strong and dynamic colors. The walls are filled with beautiful artwork and the whole place is decorated with personalized accessories, a large collection of books and other beautiful details. The apartment is quite small so Max has decided to opt for a charming and cozy décor. The most important elements for him when designing a space are color and pattern and we can see here that he paid special attention to those elements.

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The apartment hasn’t always looked like this. For the first five years that Max and his cat lived here it used to look completely different. It was simpler and less personalized but all that changed. It’s now a very eye-catching space with colors bursting all over the place and with great texture and lots of different influences. It’s like the owner managed to gather there everything he likes and created a charming composition. Of course, there were challenges to this project. The budget was tight and collecting all those unique pieces took some time but everything eventually resulted in this beautiful place called home.{found on apartmenttherapy}.