Inside Bruno Novelli’s artistic apartment from São Paulo

This is Bruno Novelli’s apartment. It’s located in São Paulo and it’s a very faithful representation of the owner’s style and passion. He is an artist and this can be seen all over his apartment. His belief in creativity and connection to nature made him decorate this beautiful place with amazing wall paintings. His home, or his ship as he calls it. Is filled with colored panels, paints, brushes and cups of coffee, exactly how an artist’s home should look like.The artist also enjoys the company of his two kittens, Aru and Locci. This apartment is like an escape for the artist, a place where he can forget about everything and everyone and just paint. Interestingly enough, he uses elements from the outside world as inspiration.

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The main characteristic of Bruno 9Li is his open-mindness. You need to be able to take inspiration from all sorts of sources if you want to come up with creative artwork. The artist in interested in philosophy, music, graphics, physics and several other domain and elements from those areas can be recognized in his paintings. His creations are filled with allusion to science fiction and they are all very colorful.

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As the artist himself declares, his home is his refuge, the place where he can be alone with his thoughts. He has a studio is his apartment and the city of Sao Paulo is his inspiration source. He lived and worked there for four years. He enjoys combining themes and he usually find his inspiration on the streets of Sao Paulo.{found on freundevonfreunden}.