Sophisticated Industrialism Revealed In A London Apartment

Everyone has their own idea of how luxury looks like. For some, a luxurious home is one that perfectly blends industrial roughness with shimmering fabrics and delicate accessories. Others identify luxury with opulence. So which type are you? Take a look at this apartment to find out.

Luxury Loft Apartment living room design
Luxury Loft Apartment living area aged leather sofa

The apartment is located in Soho, in West London, England. It was recently redesigned by Oliver Burns, an architectural, interior design and development practice specialized in creating exceptional properties for a discerning clientele.

Luxury Loft Apartment living area metal sliding door

Their collaborative and intuitive approach allows them to create luxurious homes that their clients can treasure for years. Each project is unique and each home embraces luxury in a different way. The Loft Apartment was a project where the designers incorporated modern elements and feminine highlights into an industrial backdrop.

Luxury Loft Apartment living area geometric accent wall
Luxury Loft Apartment living area connection to office

The loft was designed using a neutral color palette based on grays, whites and earthy shades. This sets the perfect backdrop for contrasts of materials and textures which, in this case, give the apartment its unique character and charm.

Luxury Loft Apartment dining area brick wall

Exposed brick walls merge with smooth gray and white walls and ceilings and with royal purple curtains, antique chests of drawers are combined with sculptural modern light fixtures and industrial bar stools complement a minimalist kitchen.

Luxury Loft Apartment dining area wall unit
Luxury Loft Apartment dining area open shelves

What we see here is an urban style infused with feminine sophistication and the result is a very harmonious and eye-catching décor. The French-style furniture sprinkled throughout the apartment and in the master bedroom in particular gives each space a classic elegance which sets it apart from other homes.

Luxury Loft Apartment kitchen contemporary furniture
Luxury Loft Apartment kitchen industrial bar stools

In the living room, an aged leather sofa stands out and is complemented by arched metal windows and a geometric accent wall design. To temper the industrial feel, the designers mixed other similar features with shimmering fabrics, soft surfaces and vintage details.

Luxury Loft Apartment bedroom brick wall

Luxury Loft Apartment bedroom modern light fixture

The white lacquered wall unit offers the dining area a sophisticated feel but, at the same time, the amount of open shelves present here set a casual and relaxed look.

Luxury Loft Apartment bedroom antique furniture

This unique combination of styles and accent details characterizes each individual room. The bathroom has its own share of unexpected features. The light turquoise tiles that complement the sink wall has a little bit of vintage character and is complemented by modern wood furniture and a classical mirror with a leather belt wrapped around it.

Luxury Loft Apartment bedroom bohemian interior
Luxury Loft Apartment bedroom french-style
Luxury Loft Apartment bedroom corner and dressing

The bedrooms feature a more bohemian interior design and each has its own shade or industrial beauty. One is defined by the vintage-industrial furniture and metallic elements combined with tones of gray and purple. The other is more feminine, featuring French-style furniture with soft curves and intricately carved details.

Luxury Loft Apartment bathroom vanity wall
Luxury Loft Apartment bathroom wall mirror

In the home office, the most intriguing feature is the map wall which gives the room a warm and elegant look. Combined with the industrial desk, vintage chair and modern window treatments, the décor becomes an image of harmony and carefully balanced sophistication and luxury.

Luxury Loft Apartment home office map wall