Custom Welcome Mats Designed To Send A Message

A doormat or welcome mat is one of those things every home has but few manage to stand out in the crowd. It depends on what type of person you are. If you like to stand out and to be noticed, then obviously you’ll want your home to be the same way and what better method to impress your guests right from the start than with a custom welcome mat?

Themed designs.

Batman door matView in gallery

Themed welcome mats are great for expressing your personality and showing your guests what you’re really about. How about a Batman-themed doormat? That could look cool.

Superman doormatView in gallery

Not a fan of Batman? Maybe Superman is your superhero. He’s definitely friendlier.

Bonjour door matView in gallery

Maybe superheroes aren’t really your thing. Maybe something French-themed would be a nicer option in case this is something that represents you.

Wipe feet on doormatView in gallery

Remember Windows, the really old version? Those alerts seem kind of fun now and if you’re a nostalgic type you might enjoy a welcome mat that looks like this. It would also make a really cool gift.

Modern door matView in gallery

If cute is your thing let some lovely cats welcome your guests. Their tails actually form the word “welcome”and they all look very cuddly.


Cassette tape doormatView in gallery

Kids these days have no idea what tapes really are but you can teach them with this doormat. Or maybe a better way to use it is to offer your guests a conversation topic.

Music inspired doormatView in gallery

Well, if you think cassette tapes are old, then what about a turntable? That reminds some people of a very special time.


Wooden pallet painted and turned into door matView in gallery

Sure, those smooth, fabric doormats look chic and nice but perhaps you’d prefer something different. It may seem a bit unusual but a wooden welcome mat can turn out to be really practical and good-looking.

Colorful door matView in gallery

This one is made of small wooden slats painted in a variety of different colors. It has a relly cute and cheerful look and it’s something you can also make yourself.

Personalized messages.

Sugg2 personalised doormatView in gallery

What better way to send a message with your doormat than by actually including a written message? You can find a ton of fun and interesting such designs online or in stores but you can also make your own custom message with a stencil.

Funny DoormaT Please Stay On DoormatView in gallery

You can customize the message according to all sorts of preferences. And just because it’s a message it doesn’t mean the mat has to look boring.

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff DoormatView in gallery

Something like this can be easily turned into a week-end project. You’d have to make your own stencil which is basically the important part and then simply spray paint the message on a plain doormat.

DIY designs.

Unique door matView in gallery

Make a unique welcome mat using a bunch of straw trivets. Mix and match them to get the shape and pattern you like and then connect them all together.

Diy rock doormat1View in gallery

Diy rock doormatView in gallery

Another simple and interesting idea is to take a plain and simple doormat and to glue small river rocks or pebbles on it until you cover the whole surface. The great thing about the project is that you can make it in any shape and size you want.

Diy wine cork matView in gallery

Every time you open a bottle of wine a cork gets thrown away for no good reason. Be a nice person and save all those corks and when you can a whole bunch make your own wine cork door mat. It will feel soft and comfy under your feet and it will actually be practical in other ways too. {found on livingwellonthecheap}.