How To Design A Kitchen On A Budget

The kitchen is one of the biggest investments when furnishing and decorating a home. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to make it functional and beautiful. There are lots of great ideas that can help stay within budget.

Make a kitchen table from a cable spool.

Wooden spool cable tableView in gallery

Here’s a fun idea: recycle. You could for example use a cable spool as a table for your kitchen. You don’t really have to change anything about it unless you want to paint it or stain it. The table would be perfect for a breakfast nook.

A kitchen island made of crates.

Turn some crates into islandView in gallery

Kitchen islands are usually very expensive but you can make your own version and it will cost you close to nothing. You can get a bunch of wooden crates and use them to build the base for the island. You’ll even have shelves. Then just add a counter on top.

Turn a pallet into a small island.

Pallet furniture islandView in gallery

Another simple way to get a kitchen island for close to nothing is if you use a wooden pallet. Built a frame from two pallets and then add boards wherever you think they’re needed to make shelves. Add castors to make the island mobile.

Pallet shelves.

Spice rack pallet shelvesView in gallery

Given how versatile wooden pallets are, they can be used to make almost anything. Spice racks are actually pretty easy to build. Decide the dimensions you want and cut the wood to size. Instead of a pallet you can also use reclaimed boards.

Pallet wooden shelvesView in gallery

These practical wooden shelves are also made from pallets and you can see how simple it is to build them. You simply have to cut the pallet into smaller pieces. Use the shelves to store all your pots, pans and other utensils.

Wall wooden barView in gallery

Turn a wooden pallet into a wonderful shelf, perfect for hanging above the kitchen sink. You can see that this one is extremely functional. You can install hooks or screws to keep the mugs organized and the glasses can be stored upside down like you see here.

Reclaimed wood kitchen island.

Nostalgic reclaimed wood kitchen island and shelvesView in gallery

Reclaimed wood furniture can look very chic. This islands makes the kitchen feel warm and inviting and it also gives it a little bit of rustic charm. The design is simple and the only difficult part would be designing the slot for the sink. The shelves in this kitchen are also made of reclaimed wood.

Concrete countertop and wall bricksView in gallery

Don’t try to hide your brick walls. Instead, save money but allowing them to become a part of the kitchen’s décor. Exposed brick walls can look really beautiful in contemporary and traditional kitchens alike.

Kitchen chalkboard wall diyView in gallery

Chalkboard walls are extremely practical in the kitchen. You can write down grocery lists, recipes, messages, notes or use the wall to organize your spices with hand written labels. The best thing is that all you need is a can of paint and a brush.

Save money on lighting fixturesView in gallery

Save money on lighting fixtures with hanging cord lights. You can use them to create interesting designs in the kitchen and you can adjust the height at which they’re suspended. Practical, easy to install and very versatile.