How To Decorate With Throw Pillows

Throw pillows provide us with one of the easiest ways to decorate our homes. However, simply throwing them on the bed or sofa is not enough to make a room look beautiful. Not only that you need to select the pillows according to certain criteria but you also need to know where and how to use them.

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When buying throw pillows, you need to take into consideration certain aspects. Size is one of them. The standard square pillows look well on sofas that also have typical dimensions. But if you want to create a more casual and relaxing look, consider oversized pillows.

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Texture is also important. You can create contrasts with the bed or sofa if, for example, you put shiny pillows on a fuzzy couch or vice versa. Just make sure they don’t slide off because then they become more annoying than comfortable.

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Depending on your budget and the look you prefer, you can choose between a feather-and-down fill and foam or other synthetic fills. The feathers are more squishy and lush while the synthetic types are more rigid and keep their form easier.

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The number of pillows you use also matters. In fact, an odd number of pillows tends to look better than an even one. So, for example, use a single pillows on a chair and three or five on the sofa, depending on the size.

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Also, to create an interesting display and to avoid a monotonous look, try to mix and match pillows of different shapes, sizes, colors or with different patterns.

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The style you wish to follow can help you determine the type of throw pillows you should use. In a modern décor, use an odd number of pillows and opt for few large pillows rather than a lot of small ones. Use a limited color palette and large prints. Fabrics like cotton or linen look good in modern spaces.

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In a more traditional setting, use symmetry. Two or four pillows can look nice on a sofa and fabrics such as velvet or sink are both good options. The size of the pillows should be linked to that of the sofa. But usually you can pair standard square pillows with smaller squares or circles. Also, feel free to use trim. Usually, tassel fringes look better on larger pillows while small pillows look best with slim trim like braid or cord.

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In an eclectic décor you can mix and match just about anything. However, an even number of pillows is not your best option. When displaying the pillows, you should place the similar ones together like in a collection. When selecting the fabric, you can be diverse as long as the pillows have something in common such as color for example.