How To Decorate With Bold Colors

Neutral colors are the most common in interior décor but they can become a little boring and monotonous. So how about you try something a little more striking? Forget about all the conservative colors tones and adopt bold and vibrant shades. They can really enhance the overall décor of a room and completely change the way a space looks.

Bright walls.

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The easiest way to introduce color into a room is by painting the walls. Bright colors such as hot pink, orange, lemon yellow or apple green are some of the most popular but you can try other shades as well. Coloring all the walls of a room can be a little too much in some cases so opt for a single accent wall. To make the bold color stand out, combine it with other more neutral shades.


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In case you’re skeptical about painting the walls a vibrant color, you can try a different approach. For example, get a brightly-colored piece of furniture to serve as a focal point for the room. In the case of the living space, that can be the sofa. The living room could have a colored chairs and for the bedroom you can get an eye-catching dresser.

Accessories and accent details.

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A room decorated with a simple and neutral color palette could use a few touches of color here and there. You can do that with curtains, throw pillows, area rugs and other accessories. Usually there’s a single accent color in a room but you can play with different shades to create contrasts and interesting visual effects.


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Add a burst of color to a room using artwork. For example, display an oversized, brightly-colored painting in the living room, above the fireplace to create a striking focal point. You can use the same technique for the other rooms of the house, including the kitchen, living room and home office.