Minimal House Framed By Panoramic Views and Beautiful Landscape

In 2014 the 3.4 Arquitetura team finished building Solar da Serra, a contemporary residence located in Brasilia, Brazil. The house measures a total of 95 square meters so it’s pretty small. It’s not a family home but rather a single resident house.

minimal house in brazil front facade
minimal house in brazil front view

The quiet and tranquil location makes this a perfect holiday destination. The house sits on a site that measures 1800 square meters so there’s no need to worry about privacy. Since the building occupies only a small portion of land, the rest of the site is there just for the views.

minimal house in brazil at night

The house was built on a gentle slope and is exposed to the exterior and the views on both sides. Large sliding glass doors let natural light in and, at the same time, offer unobstructed views of the beautiful landscape.

minimal house in brazil built on slope
minimal house in brazil views

Instead of leveling the site, the architects chose to preserve the original slope and to make it a part of the house’s design. It’s not an element that gives it character.

minimal house in brazil stairs

The interior is minimal. It’s composed of a living room connected to an open kitchen, an office, a bedroom, a bathroom and a separate laundry room. The interior spaces are framed by small terraces and sliding glass doors.

minimal house in brazil division of rooms
minimal house in brazil living room and office

The living area and the kitchen are decorated with neutral colors. Gray seems to be the main shade, complemented by browns and natural woods. The furniture is simple and includes a series of open shelves and a sleek media console, both design in a way that maintains the decor open and airy.

minimal house in brazil living room decor
minimal house in brazil living room colors

A similar palette was also used in the bedroom. A few touches of black and white harmonize the décor. The wooden floors give the room a warm touch and, even though the full height windows expose the space to the outdoors, the ambiance is quite welcoming, cozy and comfortable.

minimal house in brazil bedroom

minimal house in brazil bedroom interior

The house was designed as a compact reinforced concrete structure and this gave it a raw and textured look. As a result, the interior design is eclectic. It’s a little bit industrial but also modern and even a bit classical. The simplicity of the interior design is complemented by the diversity of the views.

minimal house in brazil exterior panels
minimal house in brazil concrete side

Privacy for those inside is ensured by a series of panels that cover the glass walls. They can also be used during the day for shade or as a way to make the room cozier.

minimal house in brazil glass doors