Hot Paper Restaurant Interior Design in Poland

This wonderful restaurant in Poland was entirely designed by Warmhouse. Their complete design included not only the interior but also the restaurant’s logo and overall image. The main theme is based on newspaper motifs. The interior is spacious with a good table placement, but this does not interests us as much as the walls and furniture. The wall designed is inspired from the paper fragility and how easily  it can be torn apart.

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The walls mimic that effect with their intricate design and colors. Looking towards any point of interest the walls will still look like pieces of wallpaper ware randomly ragged. The inner environment is carefully imagined to accurate express the owner’s message. The actual dining room has only 98 square meters to suitable separate the bar from the vestibule without diminishing the total surface. The tables were left uncovered deliberately so the image of torn walls won’t become faded or compensated by immaculate fabrics.

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The entire design focused on using mainly 5 materials: natural oak for the floors, wallpaper with newspaper motif, grey milky rock tiles and the colors back and violet. A wonderful decorative lighting system highlights the “cracks” in the walls. A unique and interesting feature about this restaurant is the unusual musical background from the  bathrooms. While you’re in there on the speaker you can hear lesson of foreign languages, mainly common words and phrases, but it’s a start.