Gorgeous Island Apartment in Moscow by Geometrix Design

Many years ago I made an obsession for black color. All my clothes were dominated by this color although I do not remember to have a particular reason for this choice. I guess I was influenced by my high- school mate who seemed to like this color too or there were those waves of the adolescence when you tend to make an obsession for a particular thing until it appears something else new.

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Meanwhile all these things have changed and now I have different tastes and other options. Still black remains an elegant color which will always be appreciated by everyone.

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The same thing happened with this gorgeous Island Apartment in Moscow designed by Geometrix Design. The elegance and beauty of black dominates all the spaces.This 1,400 square foot apartment which includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a kitchen was designed beautifully and the modern technical details and the refined pieces of furniture made of it a wonderful relaxing place where you may spend your days.

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The TV panel with round embedded light is the attraction of one of the bedrooms which looks like a spatial gate that seems to send you to unknown territories.In the kitchen you will be amazed by “jack”, a transformer table which has a remote control that will help you to get your dining table or the bar counter.

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There are also used contrasts like the white and wood walls which contrast the black interior.The beautiful ceiling built-in lamps which change the interior color according to your mood preferences and the comfortable furniture will make you relax and enjoy every minute spent here.