Five Gorgeous Forest Houses Linked In A Horizontal Condominium

The project known as Five Houses is the materialization of the dream of living in the heart of the forest surrounded by nature, ancient pines and lush vegetation. As the name suggests, this is a cluster of five separate houses combined in a condominium. The project was completed in 2015 and the houses are located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Five Houses condominium surrounded by forest

The five houses were designed and built by Weber Arquitectos, a studio specialized in architectural projects as well as interior design and furniture. They take on all sorts of challenges, always starting from the premise that each project is a mystery that brings fresh challenges and new options for each client.

Five Houses condominium on gentle slope

Like with every other project that they took on, the architects paid special attention to the balance between the house’s dialogue with its surroundings and the level of privacy it offers. The houses are placed in a strategic location close to the nearby lake and local golf club.

Five Houses condominium with tall trees

The site on which they were constructed was populated with trees and the architects tried to save as many of them as possible, their desire being to respect the environment and to have minimal impact on the land.

Five Houses condominium with outdoor jacuzzi
Five Houses condominium night view of outdoor area

The houses sit on a gentle slope which the architects used to their advantage in two very clever ways. On one hand, the slope allows the house to better integrate with the surroundings by becoming a part of the landscape. On the other hand, the slope also offers increased privacy.

Five Houses condominium outdoor deck

All five houses are connected by a dirt road which passes through their parking spaces and then ends with a tennis court. The entire property measures 7,000 square meters and of those 5,800 square meters are a green area.

Five Houses condominium surrounded by lush vegetation

Each house lot has its own open field which can be used in a variety of ways. Each structure occupies 300 square meters of space divided into three volumes. One of the volumes contains the living area and a terraces, the two being separated by sliding glass doors.

Five Houses condominium fireplace connects spaces

A second volume houses four bedrooms, three of which are placed on the ground floor. The master bedroom, a living space and a bathroom stands on the first floor. The third volume contains the service spaces such as the kitchen, pantry, laundry room and utility room.

Five Houses condominium sliding glass doors

All these spaces are linked by two interior courtyards in each case. The interior areas are characterized by a contemporary style with avant-garde design elements. Special attention was offered to the balance established between the private and open areas as well as the dialogue between the site and the house and the contrast of solid and welcoming materials and textures.

Five Houses condominium interior social area

Comfort was an essential feature that the architects focused on when designing the house and its interior spaces. They wanted the houses to be inviting and cozy and to feel like home. In order to achieve that, they employed warm colors and a combination of materials which includes wood, glass, steel and concrete.

Five Houses condominium panorama window

Further more, features such as fireplaces that connect the indoor and outdoor areas, clerestory windows and glass roof sections link the spaces to their surroundings in a wonderful way. To emphasize the views and to bring the outdoors in, the architects also gave the houses full-height windows and a series of protected outdoor spaces.

Five Houses condominium service area

Each house has a large outdoor deck and its own private garden and courtyard spaces. These can be customized in lots of different ways. For instance, there’s enough room out here to an outdoor Jacuzzi. The trees that the architects preserved during the construction process can be sen piercing through the decks of this unusual and peaceful horizontal condominium.

Five Houses condominium master bathroom