Glossy wall clock for a modern touch

The “Tone35 Clock” designed by Wiebe Teertstra for the Dutch brand, LEFF Amsterdam which is based in Marcel Wanders’ Westerhuis in Amsterdam.The “Tone35 Clock” comes in three models, White, Cool Grey and Black. It is perfect designed for your apartment or your office, it will give a modern touch. This original design by Wiebe Teertstra makes time pass by very easy, you will watch the clock for hours, admiring its beauty. I do love the modern art clock. Let’s see this clock, it look like time flies.

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The design of the clock really gives off a unique feel and displays an artistic charm. It gives a super fun accent for the kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom. The clock is an irresistible accent that will be a fun conversation piece in your kitchen. The white look and modern design makes chic but of course the Cool gray and black designs gives a chic tone to.

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Modern wall clockView in gallery

Wiebe Teertstra said that the contrast in this design is not formed by the colours itself, but by its finish. A glossy transparent spot varnish is printed on the matt dial to create a so-called ton-sur-ton effect. Depending on the light, the index print will be clearly visible, slightly visible or not even visible at all. Let light set the tone.Available for 140$.