Funny Bookshelf That Looks Like a Tree

My opinion is that kids should have their own bookcase or bookshelf even when they are very young and can’t read, but still enjoy the pictures of the story books. SO why chase your kid’s favourite book all over the house when you can simply arrange a nice and funny bookshelf for all their books and you will know exactly where to find it? Here is a great idea for the design of some funny bookshelf that will look like a tree , which is perfect for the kids’ room. Unfortunately this bookshelf is not for sale, but you should try to do it yourself if you are pretty good with wood crafting.

Design bookcase tree shapeView in gallery

Bookcases form of a treeView in gallery

The idea is to use a thick and big wood board as  support for the shelves and to try to shape it like a tree trunk. Only after that attach the shelves that will have different sizes : larger around the base and smaller on the top. It should be better for you to build a steady base for the bookcase so as to avoid its  collapsing over the kids, so try to make a stand with four “legs” and this will make the shelf resemble a tree even more. Last, but not least, after building and lacquering the furniture, go one step further and use the wooden pieces left for making some very funny animal shaped book supports that will have books in between them, just like the ones in the pictures.