Fresh one-bedroom apartment in Italy with a cheerful interior design

This cute place is a small one-bedroom apartment that, despite its small dimensions, is a very cheerful home. The apartment belongs to Gianluca and his Italian girlfriend Chiara and it’s their very first home. They both rent the apartment and they’ve tried their best to make it as cozy and inviting as possible.

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The apartment is in Italy and features a bright and modern interior. It’s a small home but it’s full of life and it seems like a perfect first home for a single couple. This lovely one-bedroom apartment is filled with vivid colors and the couple has made the most of the space by adding lots of personalized touches. Here are some of the things they did in order to make the apartment so inviting and bright.

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The apartment has a gallery kitchen that mixes open storage with wall units. This way the room is airy and natural light gets inside freely.The couple also sued plants to bring this home to life. They also used color in a creative way and opted for yellow for the living room furniture, a nice choice that also helps create a sunny interior. Yellow is also a very energetic color. The couple also found a way of mixing their preferences and styles. As a result they combined modern and vintage elements with a tendency towards modern.{found on ikeafamilylive}.