Former Soap Factory Converted Into Beautiful Loft Apartments In Milan

We’ve seen many old factories and commercial spaces which got transformed into private residences or apartments but we’ve never seen a soap factory in this position. There’s a first for everything so here we are, talking about what used to be an old soap factory in the center of Milan Italy. The factory is now a series of loft apartments and gives us no clue about its past and initial role.

Loft interior

But let’s focus on a specific loft and take a closer look at it. This is a space transformed by industrial designer Federic Gooris and Architect Werner Silvestri. It’s a dream home for its owners and a great family residence.

Loft milano

Loft milano1

Loft milano2

As you can see, there’s a strong industrial vibe here and that’s no surprise considering the designer that worked on the project. But the space is also modern, simple and very chic. The arches brick ceilings and the wooden floors are amazing and very charming.

Loft milano3

Loft milano4

Loft milano5

What’s nice and interesting about this space is the combination of simple, raw and glamorous details. The space serves as a home and office for the family that owns it. It has an interesting layout with a glass-encased staircase with a very elegant and chic vibe. The living area is where it’s easiest to notice elements that are reminiscent of the building’s past such as the factory-style windows.