Fluorescent Light Switch Patch

I am a very quiet person at night. I sleep deeply and I never wake up during the night. However, there are a lot of people who do that and wander around the house in the dark until they can find the light switch. We are not night birds to have night vision so it is pretty difficult to find anything in the dark. And this is how the joke with the pinky being the furniture detector appeared. So if you want to be able to find the light switch faster and without hesitation, without spending too much time in the dark, just spend about five bucks and you will be satisfied. You can purchase the fluorescent light switch patches. They are self adhesive patches that can be applied to the light switch and glow in the dark.

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These are made of the exactly the same material as the fluorescent stars and Moon that you stick on the ceiling in the children’ s room. They all glow in the dark and when it is light they charge and they can repeat the cycle for many times until they need replacement. These glowing light switches will be a great attraction for kids, but make sure you warn them or any other visitors you may have or else they will be scared to death to see a strange “eye” staring at them in the night.

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