FLOS Taraxacum Pendant

Some designers are close to art than to creating useful objects for your home and this is not necessarily a bad thing. For example this amazing FLOS Taraxacum Pendant is an unusual, yet very beautiful pendant light that reminds you of anything but a lamp that is usually used for casting light into a room. I for one thought it was very similar to the shape and look with a cocoon of a caterpillar just before letting the butterfly our for the first flight.This is actually a continuation of the famous designer called George Nelson who thought it would be a good idea to experiment lamp shades on steel structures.

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This unusual shape that represents the pendant lamp shade is a powder coated steel frame that is afterwards sprayed with some plastic polymers and having a clear finish. The shade is pretty thick and because of this the light cast by the pendant is quite diffuse, gentle and really warm, perfect for a house where people spend their evenings in a pleasant way.

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The name of this pendant light comes from the Latin name for dandelion. My guess is that the designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni who created this piece of art for Flos were inspired by this plant and wanted to create a stylized dandelion and finished by obtaining this unusual shape. The item can now be purchased for $2,280.