Fiery Red Siren Pendant

In Greek mythology sirens were those creatures that are nowadays called mermaids who sang and enchanted sailors who jumped in the water when they heard their song. I don’t know who or what inspired the name of this pendant lamp, but I do know it is a modern and cool lighting device that can add some youth and style to your home. This Siren Pendant is red and pretty big, so it will stand out from the crowd, being the one object you remember after visiting a house for the first time.

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The pendant lamp has an industrial and interesting design, with an iron shade in red powdercoat shining brightly from the ceiling. The aluminum canopy, diffuser ring and 3 brass diffuser clips in antiqued zinc finish are the most important parts of the lamp and the ones giving it personality. When you first see the size of this lamp you wonder if the light coming from it will not be too powerful, but the lamp ends with a frosted glass diffuser which filters the light properly and spreads a sweet and gentle light. It works with an 100W incandescent light bulb which is included in price and can be bought for $299 from CB2.