Fascinating Kitchen in a Sideboard by Kitchoo

Sometimes A fresh family with only two members cannot afford a big apartment. Usually they choose a small one where they can have everything they want although it is accommodated into a small space. Here they can enjoy privacy, independence and freedom. The fact that it can be a warm place which can make them feel happy is another advantage of this small apartment.

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Usually for small areas we need things that can help us save a lot of space and at the same time accomplish their multifunctional features.You can take for example this K1, which represents a mini kitchen in a sideboard designed by Kitchoo. In case you do not need to use it, it may serve as a table or desk.

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You will be amazed by its super equipment which covers a large area of things that are absolutely necessary in a kitchen. The fascinating thing is that you can have all this kitchen equipment in just one sideboard. Here you can find: refrigerator, sink, two burners, dishwasher, garbage disposal and storage. Everything you need to prepare something for eat, keep it cool or clean your dishes can be found here.

K1 is perfect for those who have a small apartment and do not spend too much time in the kitchen.