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Stunning Extendable Farmhouse Kitchen Table Ideas

The farmhouse style is a very interesting subject to approach because it offers a surprising balance between simplicity and elegance. It offers a sense of coziness and relaxation, with a few rules that need to be kept in mind if you want to stay true to the style. Today, we’re going to offer you some gorgeous extendable farmhouse table ideas, but not before we talk a little bit more about what the farmhouse style is all about.

Extendable Farmhouse Kitchen Table Ideas

The Farmhouse Style

The farmhouse style depends a lot on items that are found in the flea market. It’s basically a combination of different elements that express a vintage style, but combined with good taste. It eliminates delicate items in favor of rugged ones that are still sophisticated. There isn’t always a sense of cohesion in the farmhouse style, so you want to avoid furniture pieces that look all alike.

This isn’t a calculated style either, but rather a more nostalgic one. Flea markets are a great place to shop for furniture that matches the farmhouse style, but don’t rush into buying everything you see. It is a style that has evolved quite a lot and there are plenty of items acquired over time that will eventually lead to that interior design that you crave for.

Tips for Adding a Farmhouse Flare to Your Kitchen & Dining Room

There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can turn to if you want your kitchen and dining room to express as much of the farmhouse style as possible, so let’s take a look at some of the ones interior designers recommend:

  • A butcher’s block counter is a great addition to a farmhouse-style kitchen. They offer that touch of rustic that you want to see in a farmhouse kitchen and, as long as you maintain them properly, they can last for a long time in a good shape.
  • Apron sinks are also suitable for a kitchen decorated in this style. They work very well when paired with shaker-style cabinets, but they are almost indispensable when it comes to a farmhouse kitchen decor.
  • Opt for exposed wooden beams in every room where you can, but especially in the dining room. This will bring more wood to the surface and make the entire decor appear more natural. Even if you don’t currently have them, installing some shouldn’t be too complicated.
  • For the lounging section of the dining room, opt for rattan or wicker chairs. You can also opt for wicker baskets where you can place dry plants or conceal additional throw blankets that you don’t want to leave hanging on the couch.

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Choosing a Farmhouse Table

When you’re choosing a farmhouse table for your dining room or kitchen, you have to consider what are the things that you should know prior to buying tables in general, but also inquire about some of the need-to-know information about this specific style. So, before you spend money on a farmhouse table, consider the following:

  • How much space you have available. Farmhouse tables don’t come in a single size, and knowing the available space you can dedicate to a table is super important if you want to avoid the frustration of not having enough space to place the table or to move around it. Measure the space you can dedicate to your new table and then keep those measurements in the back of your mind when you’re choosing one product over another.
  • How big your family is. Knowing this beforehand is important because you need to plan out the space that each person will have at a table. Also, think about how often you have guests over for dinner. There are plenty of farmhouse tables that can accommodate between 2 and 8 people, with some of them having extendable leafs (we’ll get to those in a few)..
  • What pedestal/base you’d fancy. Even if farmhouse refers to a pretty specific style of furniture, there are still plenty of variations to work with. When it comes to farmhouse tables in particular, you have multiple categories to choose from, depending on the base of the product. You have your farmhouse table with legs (one of the most common choices, can have decorative legs with tapered and turned being the most common), trestles (characterized by flat ends with stretchers between them to help stabilize the table), or pedestal (they can be either square or round, with some models even having two pedestal bases).

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Benefits of an Extendable Farmhouse Table

The benefits of owning a farmhouse table are pretty much the same as owning any type of extendable table, really. They include:

  • It helps you save space. Whenever you don’t need to use it or when there’s not that many people eating around the table, you can always collapse it and have it occupy less space. This is ideal for small homes and apartments, but also for people that want to move the table when they’re not eating and use it for something else (like maybe using it as a desk for remote work).
  • It’s generally very solid. Extendable tables are built to last, especially when thinking about models that can be extended and have to be sturdy enough to support multiple people leaning on the table at once. Extendable farmhouse tables are usually built with quality wood, so you can expect one of these to last for a pretty long time.
  • It is great for dinner parties. Or holidays. Or birthdays. It’s pretty much perfect for whenever you have people coming over and would like to enjoy a nice meal together with them. Thanks to the extendable properties of the table, you can easily add a few extra seats and plates, even when you’re having a spontaneous eat-together.
  • It can fill up large spaces. Sometimes, after furnishing a kitchen or a dining room, you’re left with space that’s too large for just a table, but too small for a table and some extra furniture. An extendable farmhouse table can save you a lot of trouble: just keep it extended the whole time and you can “fill in the gap” with ease.

Take a Look at These Stunning Farmhouse Table Ideas

Kensworth Extendable Pedestal Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

Our first suggestion is a table made from rubberwood with a vintage appeal that makes it fascinating. It measures 42” L x 42” W x 30” H and has a total weight of 100 pounds. It comes with a self-storing leaf and it doesn’t include the chairs that you see in the image. The butterfly leaf has a strong mechanism. The table offers enough space for four people and for a maximum of six people when fully extended.

Extendable Pine Solid Wood Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

Next up, we have this gorgeous extendable pine table that has a natural finish and would look amazing in just about any farmhouse dining room.  This table is sufficient for 6 people when fully collapsed, but can be extended to fit up to 12 people, so it’s definitely the kind of product that you want if you have a big family or if you often have guests that come over to dine together. It comes with a removable leaf and doesn’t include the chairs you see in the pictures.

Kearse Counter Height Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

Let’s welcome another rubberwood table that’s built to last. This one is available in a gray finish and has a more vintage and distressed look compared to the others, but all the details are intentional because this is meant to look like a true rustic farmhouse table. It comes with one extendable leaf and can accommodate 6 people when extended and 4 when it’s collapsed. When extended, the table measures 36” H x 38” L x 56” W, extending to 56” L.

Hillary Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

The Hillary dining table has everything you could ask for from a farmhouse piece of furniture. When collapsed, it accommodates 6 people, but can easily sit 8 people when fully extended. It has a drop-leaf mechanism and a beautiful natural wooden finish for everyone to admire. It measures 40” L x 74” W x 30.13” H overall, with a tabletop thickness of 3.75”.

Sylvan Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

If you were looking for a more elegant farmhouse table, you have to take a look at the Sylvan. It is designed to seat 6 people when collapsed and up to 8 people when fully extended. The solid poplar wood construction and the veneers make it a great addition to homes decorated in the farmhouse tradition. When extended, the width of the table goes from 64” to 84”. It has a white finish and fits French-style decorated homes as well.

Spurling Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

Let’s take a moment to talk about this particular farmhouse table, which combines a black pedestal base with a gorgeous cherry tabletop finish. But there is more to this table than just the beautiful contrast. It is a table that sits up to 6 people and can find its way in small dining rooms with ease. It is covered in protective furniture lacquer and has a slightly rounded edge that looks very elegant. It has a rubberwood construction and a butterfly leaf table mechanism with two leaves.

Nerida Drop Leaf Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

If you ever dreamed of waking up and enjoying brunch in a well-lit room with plenty of farmhouse decor elements and furniture, this is the right table for you. It is available in a back/dark brown and antique white/rustic oak combo, which is awesome because it expands the chromatic combinations that one can achieve in their home. This table can seat 4 people when collapsed and up to 6 when extended. The table measures 31” H x 22” L x 20” W, expanding to 43” L x 40” X when needed.

Annora Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

Moving onto more elegant choices, we had to show you what the Annora table is made of and just how amazing it looks. It has sleek and finished lines, but the sexy curved legs of the table are what really draw the attention. The thick tabletop is combined with the rest of the design to bring you a table that’s both durable and good-looking. When collapsed, the table offers enough seating space for 6 people, but once you expand it, it can sit up to 10 people.

Eminence Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

If you look at the Eminence table from further away, it may look like it has a marble construction, but that’s just the elegance of the antique white wooden finish making an entrance. This is a farmhouse table made from rubberwood and birch veneer that delivers everything you could have hoped for in a product in its category. It measures 30” H x 48” L x 48” W, and can seat up to 4 people when collapsed and up to 6 people when fully extended.

Lowrance Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

If it’s a modern farmhouse style you’re after, this is the right table for you. It offers a tabletop surface of 48″ W x 48″ D when collapsed, extending to a 48″ W x 66″ D once the leaf is in place. It can accommodate between 4 and 6 people, offering a design that just screams “farmhouse”: a sturdy wooden pedestal base, a well-worn look, and a beautiful light medium-brown finish.

Los Altos Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

The Los Altos extendable table may seem more expensive at first, but the quality oak veneer construction is there to make sure that this is a long-term investment. When you expand this table, you have room to gather around 10 people, with a maximum of 8 seating spots when the table is collapsed. The trestle base comes with a decorative stretcher, and the legs have gentle curves that look stunning. The table extended from 110” to 132”, so it’s best suited for larger dining room spaces.

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

Kreutzer Extendable Dining Table

Our last suggestion is yet another gorgeous farmhouse table with a removable leaf that allows you to extend the tabletop surface from 74” to 94”. It’s made from poplar wood and knotty white oak veneers, being the perfect choice for French cottage decors and for those of you that would like to have enough room to sit 10 people at the table. The planked table tops, the wide trestle, and the easy guide glide system are just a few details that justify the spicy price of the Kreutzer table.

Bottom Line

Having an extendable table isn’t necessary in some cases, but if you have a large family, limited room space, or plenty of guests over for meals, then you have to invest in one. Choosing a farmhouse table isn’t complicated once you get to know what are the main things to focus on when choosing an extendable table in general. Keep in mind that the extendable mechanism needs to be sturdy, the size needs to match whatever room space you have available, and the design of the base has to be compatible with your personal taste.