Expansive San Francisco loft for sale

This spacious loft is located in Sand Francisco, in a building that dates back to 1924. It used to be a studio for creating vaudeville sets. In 1998 it was converted into a residential building with lofts. This particular one measures 1,360 square feet and it has only one bedroom with two bathrooms. The selling price is $689,000.

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The building might be old, but the people living in it are not. According to the current owners, the neighbors are young and friendly and sometimes this means more than all the luxury in the world. The loft was originally purchased for $409.000 in 1998 by the current owners. They’ve invested around $20.000 for improvements such as the French limestone counters in the kitchen. The owners finally decided that they could live together in one loft, after 52 years of marriage. It’s odd but it’s good that it’s finally happening.

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The original owners used to live in two separate lofts. This way they could each do what they wanted and still feel together, since the mrs was living upstairs. This loft was a great home but it’s time to move on and let someone else enjoy it. It’s a small place but it has a home feel. It’s modern and not excessively inviting but now it’s up to the new owners to decide whether they like it like that or not.{found on wsj}.