12 Essential Tools And Accessories Every Kitchen Should Have

Every one of us chooses to personalize and design their kitchen in a different way, depending on their preferences and priorities. But whether you’re the type that enjoys cooking every day or whether you only use the kitchen as a social space most of the time, there are a few essential things every kitchen should have.

Good knives and good storage for them.

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First things first: every kitchen needs a good set of knives. You don’t need to get a lot of them. Three should be enough but make sure they’re quality knives. Also, come up with a practical storage system for them. Maybe you’d like to keep them in a drawer, maybe in a knife block on the counter.

A honey dispenser.

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Honey is awesome and you should definitely always have some in your pantry. But unless you like getting all sticky every time you put honey in your tea, you should have a honey dispenser to use for these types of situations.

A butter cutter.

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Butter is great to spread it on your toast in the morning or to cook with and in both cases you need a cutter cutter so you don’t get your fingers or knives dirty every time you need a little piece of butter.

A mango pitter.

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How annoying is it to have to slice a mango and to cut around the huge pit? It would be a lot easier if you had a mango pitter. You don’t have to be nuts about mangos to get this tool. Even if you only eat mango a few times a year, when you do it will be a lot more enjoyable this way. Available for 21$.

A strainer spout.

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The strainer is one of those essential items everyone has in their kitchen. But if you’d rather not waste space in your cabinets with a huge strainer, you can get a strainer spout which can be attached to the pot. Super easy and super practical. Available for $15.

A cheese mill.

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The grater is fine but wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to get your hands dirty? A cheese mill is a lot more practical and very easy to use. Consider getting one for your kitchen and you’ll love using it. Available for $20.

Pizza scissors.

Pizza ScissorsView in gallery

With the pizza scissors you can cut and lift your pizza slices in one move. They make things a lot less messy and a lot easier. It’s one of those tools everyone would appreciate having in their kitchen. Available for $20.

An egg separator.

Harold Egg Yolky Egg SeparatorView in gallery

Egg separators are actually very common and popular and they come in a variety of cute and lovely designs and shapes. They’re very practical when you want to separate the yolks from the whites when you’re baking cookies for example.

Egg rings.

Flower Pancake or Egg RingsView in gallery

Make your sunny side up eggs look cute and charming with these practical egg rings. You can also use them when baking pancakes and they’re very fun for the kids. You can find in a variety of cute shapes.

Fruit and vegetable toppers.

Vegetable TopperView in gallery

Once you slice them, fruits and vegetable turn brown and you can prevent that with these toppers. They’re nice to have around and they look beautiful and fresh too. Available for $12.

Labeled containers.

Tea sugar coffee setView in gallery

Get your basics like the coffee, sugar, tea, etc. organized and labeled in containers or jars. The labels make it easy to identify the thing you need.