ElektraVetro Kitchen by Ernestomeda

Modern and elegant this is what I want for my kitchen. Nowadays these kitchens are very popular for their excellent technical characteristics. Here is ElektraVetro by Ernestomeda which combines the charm of frosted glass and the silky smoothness of gloss and matte glass with the benefits of an exceptionally thick structure. Just like they are very good in cuisine, the Italians proved equally good in making and designing kitchens.

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ElectraVetro kitchens are the proof to that. The guys from Ernestomeda have an eye for design so they arrange beautiful kitchens. But this is not enough, as these kitchens must also be very well equipped and be liked by the customers.

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And apparently they read the customers minds or they have a very good marketing department because these kitchens are a hit. I for one am impressed with the apparent simplicity and the attention for detail, the impeccable design and high quality materials used, but also by the fact that these kitchen are also very practical. Everything is arranged so as to cover the minimum of space but at the same time to feel comfortable. And the metallic touch of all the furniture pieces give you a very modern and somewhat futuristic sensation.