Elegant Art Floor Design

If one goes to a trip inside a house, the first thing that he will see is the floor. Once he takes his first step, he looks at the floor and nothing more. The difference is, if the flooring is not impressive, then the visitor will never notice it, but if the floor is filled with a wonderful array of tile designs, it’s going to leave a good impression on the mind of the visitor.


The product comes from Transparent House, a team of designers from Germany. Here are some of the words of the company regarding this product :

“We’ve created a way to refine a popular element of contemporary interior design such as polished concrete flooring. The design concept allows for application of any pattern to the surface either when pouring or after wards when the concrete has set. The fine floral ornament promotes the clean and simple character of the space while adding a touch of warm and live contrast and highlighting the cold austerity of the material”.