Easy & Quick Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen {Part 1}

No one gets a thrill out of cleaning the kitchen. But the fact of the matter is, we all have to do it. And if we figured out how to do it right, in quick and easy steps, you won’t be cleaning as often! From the sink to keeping the cabinets organized, we’ve find some simple steps to take for keeping your kitchen clean and in tip-top shape. Check them out and take some notes.

1. Keep it all in one spot.

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Make sure you have a space for every item. And make sure you put the item back into the same place after every use. After your done with the mixing bowl and it’s cleaned don’t put it on top of the fridge if the rest of the bowls go in a bottom cabinet. Knowing where everything goes keeps things tidy and organized!

2. Always Finish the Dishes.

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Whether you hand-wash or stack them inside the dishwasher, you don’t want to go to bed with an empty sink. Make sure that you have a clear sink every evening. Not only will the kitchen look nicer and stay cleaner, it’ll be easier to actually get your plates and silverware shiny and new again! You don’t wanted crusted food on them that takes hours to clear away.

3. Nix the sponges.

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It’s better to use towels or even paper towels for an easy clean up. Wash them after each use or simply throw them away. Re-using a sponge will only spread germs and you’ll never feel fresh and tidy with so much sickness and bacteria sprinkled about the room!

4. Clean as you go.

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Whether you’re making dinner or in and out of the kitchen on a busy day, there’s always enough time for a quick clean up. If you stop and wipe off the counter or dry up spills when they occur, you won’t find yourself with a massive mess to tidy after a long week.

5. Sunday is expiration day.

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Ever Sunday (or whatever day you choose) clean out the fridge. Throw off old leftovers and check expiration dates. This will keep everything fresh and ready to be used throughout every week. And you’ll feel a lot more organized too! You’d be surprised how much you’ll be throwing away every week – include the cabinets too!

6. Dust, dust and dust.

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On that same day you find the time to clean out the food, grab a duster and get to work. The top of the fridge and tippy-top of the cabinets rarely get dusted. If you do a quick sweep every week, you’ll never have a huge build up of nasty dust that makes the kitchen feel gross and your allergies run wild!