Different kitchen interior décors that we love

Choosing the right style or décor for the kitchen can be very difficult. The kitchen is a space that needs to feel welcoming and casual but that, at the same time, should also have an elegant look. It’s this combination of formal and informal elements that makes everything so difficult. It’s why we made this selection of kitchen interior decors that we’ve admired for some time. They include various styles, all with an overall elegant look.

Farmhouse kitchen.

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A farmhouse décor is usually casual. However, this kitchen seems to feature a very nice balance between the casual and the elegant details. The large dining table is a must have in any farmhouse kitchen and this one makes no exception. The table is very simple, with a wooden structure and the chairs don’t share the same design. Still, they all have a vintage look.

Modern kitchen.

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If you prefer a simple décor without unnecessary decorations and details, a modern kitchen is an option you should strongly consider. This kitchen is a very nice example of a modern interior with clean lines, simple colors, functional décor and subtle and chic accent details and focal points. In this case, those elements are the bar stools, the wallpaper and the indoor plants.

Mediterranean kitchen.

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Homes with interior featuring strong Mediterranean influences are very stylish. This particular style already has a very nice balance of color, texture, casual and formal elements. This kitchen features elegant arched windows, wooden furniture with rich textures and finishes and stylish hardware and detailing. The combination of brown and blue is quite interesting as well.

Country-style kitchen.

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This kitchen actually has an eclectic interior décor. It’s a combination of country-style elements and turn-of-the-century and industrial details. But even though the influences are diverse, the décor is cohesive. The contrasts are neither too bold nor too subtle and the colors work well together.

Craftsman kitchen.

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The cabinetry in this kitchen is very beautiful. It focuses on functionality and not that much on appearances. Nevertheless, it manages to impress with its simplicity and elegance. Even though these craftsman cabinets lack carved detailing and ornamentation, they display their designs beautifully. They provide lots of storage space while also creating a cohesive interior décor for the kitchen.

French, modern and industrial style.

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This is another beautiful example of an eclectic kitchen. This time the main influences are French, modern and industrial and they all display elements that have been used to create a harmonious and elegant décor. The kitchen is very bright, the color palette is very simple and neutral and everything is functionally organized.

Travel flair kitchen.

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Like in the case of any other room, the kitchen can be the space where you display some of the items you brought with you from your trips or while traveling. It’s a look that also be easily improvised. This kitchen features stylish bamboo light fixtures above the kitchen island, wooden furniture and decorations displayed on the top shelves or storage compartments.

Contemporary kitchen.

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If you’re the type of person that always likes to keep up with the latest trends and ideas, a contemporary décor is the best choice for you. A contemporary kitchen comes with more than just a neat, minimalist and glamorous look. It also comes with great technological improvements and the latest models of appliances and fixtures.

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